“HUNTER” is “pick of the day” on Kindle Book Review

HUNTER was selected as pick of the day for August 24 on the Kindle Book Review site.

Many thanks to Jeff Bennington for the honor of this recognition, and for these kind words:

Sometimes I’m absolutely floored by the reviews I find. When I see a well known author with 3-4 stars, I’m not surprised because they often sell lots of books because they have already established their name/brand. But nothing gets me more excited than when I see an indie author with 51 Reviews and 5.0 Stars! That is extremely impressive.

I hope you’re impressed too.

Robert Bidinotto has written Hunter, the first in the Dillon [sic] Hunter series and the reviews are out of the park. He has FORTY-NINE 5-star reviews and two 4-star reviews.

So if you are a thriller lover, as I am, Hunter should be on the top of your list. The reviews are great, the price is right and it has a cool cover!

Thanks again, Jeff!

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4 Responses to “HUNTER” is “pick of the day” on Kindle Book Review

  1. Shawn Reynolds says:

    Congratulations, Robert! Things are snowballing for sure! And rightly so.

  2. Meb Bryant says:

    Kudos, Robert. Well-deserved praise.

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