HUNTER and I are featured in the Annapolis newspaper


Theresa Winslow, a staff writer for the Annapolis Capital newspaper, just published a feature profile of me in the paper’s Sunday “Lifestyle” section for January 22, 2012. The article chronicles my background and the sudden success of HUNTER.

Ms. Winslow spent a long time interviewing me and others for the piece. I thank her for one of the most concise and accurate articles about me yet.

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2 Responses to HUNTER and I are featured in the Annapolis newspaper

  1. Patrice Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Robert: Great coverage! I’ve been watching your career as you rise up the charts… it’s very exciting, and well deserved. Congratulations!

    Patrice Fitzgerald

  2. Bidinotto says:

    Patrice, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope that what happened in my case encourages many other aspiring writers to explore the exciting emerging alternatives in indie self-publishing via ebooks and “print on demand” technology.

    I have been advocating this approach for over a year, even before I independently published HUNTER, because there is absolutely no downside risk to doing this. And the upside? Well, my example demonstrates what is possible. I hope that others try this alternative by, first, writing the best book they can, and then educating themselves in the options, techniques, and strategies that will maximize the possibility of success.

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