New Ebook Pairs HUNTER with SNAKE SKIN by CJ Lyons


I am delighted to announce publication of a new, “double-ebook” Kindle edition of HUNTER, paired with the hot-selling SNAKE SKIN by bestselling author CJ Lyons!

If you like my Dylan Hunter vigilante hero, you’ll love CJ’s own tough-as-nails heroine, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Lucy Guardino…a sex-crime investigator who lives a double life as a “normal” middle-class housewife.

You’ll get both gripping, complementary thrillers in one ebook, for just $5.99! How can you lose?

Click here to go to its Amazon product page for further information.



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2 Responses to New Ebook Pairs HUNTER with SNAKE SKIN by CJ Lyons

  1. Yonatan says:

    Hi Robert,

    Is it by accident that the book bundle is offered for free?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yonatan, the ebook is priced at $5.99. The “free” price you may be referring to is that listed for members of Amazon Prime, who may “borrow” the book at no charge.

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