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The Unrealistic Expectations of Writers

  The occasional story of breakout success by a first-time author (e.g., moi) often engenders fantasies of instant bestsellerdom among aspiring authors. Each thinks that his pathway to the top of the NYT list will be assured by his first … Continue reading

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  As both a nonfiction author and a bestselling novelist, I’ve pondered certain puzzles for decades. Why do people find certain ideologies and philosophies appealing, but not others? Why do we so often hold to our points of view dogmatically, … Continue reading

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A Humbling Endorsement of HUNTER

  Recently, I received a private message from renowned author and writing teacher Randy Ingermanson, best known as author of the bestselling Writing Fiction for Dummies. After reading HUNTER, Randy graciously volunteered the following endorsement “blurb”: Hunter is a terrifically … Continue reading

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