HUNTER Audiobook Hits Sales Milestone


Another happy personal milestone: The audiobook edition of HUNTER — on sale for just five months — has just hit a cumulative 999 sales. One of you folks will probably put it over the top of the 1,000 mark within the next few hours.

This is a delight for me, because (a) like the ebook edition, the audiobook was self-published, and (b) I didn’t expect strong sales — quite the contrary. Honestly, I had no way to gauge whether a self-published audiobook would sell more than a few dozen copies. It was a gamble. But it blew away my wildest expectations, and it continues to sell strongly in the “Espionage” and “Suspense” categories, on a pace with the bestsellers by all the usual “household name” authors I admire.

Much of the credit goes to my narrator, Conor Hall, who did a splendid job lending voices to all the book’s characters, and propelling the story at a relentless, absorbing pace.

But thanks so much to all of you who’ve downloaded the audiobook, either from Audible, Amazon, or iTunes. If you have, I’d appreciate it if you’d post a brief review and rating on the Audible, Amazon, or iTunes sites. If you haven’t yet tried it, check out the brief audio sample at those links. You can get a great trial membership deal by joining Audible or iTunes and selecting HUNTER as your baptismal audiobook.

You also can send a downloadable audiobook of HUNTER to your friends or family, as a gift. Visit the respective product pages for information.

Again — thank you, as always, for your generous support and encouragement.

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  • Lexi Revellian

    Congratulations, that’s really impressive.

    • RobertBidinotto

      Thank much, Lexi. The “ride” continues. I can only fantasize that the coming books will meet with even half the positive reception that this one has.

  • Dave

    This is one of the best reads I have had in years. And I’m 51
    I want more please.

    • bidinotto

      Thanks much, Dave. More is on its way…

    • RobertBidinotto

      More are on their way, Dave. Thanks so much.