Hugh Howey: Profile in Courage and Individualism


Here is an inspiring story of one man’s courage to stick by his guns against an entrenched establishment and decades of stale traditions; to refuse sell his soul and his long-term rational self-interest, even for over a million bucks; and in the process, to become an innovator in a foundering industry. I’ve mentioned him here before, but this is a part of the story you haven’t heard. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy “the rest of the story” of superstar fantasy author Hugh Howey: self-publishing’s new champion.

And, if you are a writer, I exhort you to read his “My Advice to Aspiring Writers.” It is perhaps the best condensation of sound suggestions for writers — aspiring or veteran — that I’ve read anywhere. It is worth reading regularly, as a reminder of what this career is all about, and how to manage it successfully and happily.


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