350 Amazon Customer Reviews!


Another milestone for HUNTER: It has just received its 350th Amazon customer review. And I’m delighted to report that it’s yet another 5-star rave (the 259th, as of this writing):

I loved how this author mixed in thriller, intrigue and just a little romance to keep you guessing! I am looking forward to more adventures with Dylan Hunter and I hope Annie and Luna as well. This character is a captivating warrior and I really loved his wickedly crafty skills.

I’m also amused to report that the previous customer review — also rating my thriller 5 stars — came from (are you ready?) Dylan Hunter. No, not that Dylan Hunter, the fictional one. I mean a real-life Dylan Hunter, living in Denver, Colorado. He was Googling his name not long ago and discovered my novel. Curious, he bought it, read it…and loved it, posting his own enthusiastic review. Dylan and I have since corresponded a few times, and I’ve sent him a signed complimentary copy.

Now to wait and see if Annie Woods posts a review….

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2 Responses to 350 Amazon Customer Reviews!

  1. D. R. Eurich says:

    Congrats Robert! Next milestone? 500? How many copies have you sold in all now?

    • RobertBidinotto says:

      Thanks, D.R. The answer is well over 70,000 to date. Even without doing much of anything to promote it now, my debut thriller continues to sell several hundred copies each month, nearly two years since its release. That’s for a first (and, so far, only) novel, self-published, by an author without a big name, and without a publisher’s advertising or bookstore distribution.

      I have no doubt at all that sales of HUNTER will shoot up once again when I release the second novel in the series later this year, and that sales will continue to soar with each new book I publish.

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