A Public Event for All You Thriller Fans


UPDATE, 7/21/13: I want to insert this news up front on this post:

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Brad Thor, who just hit #1 on the New York Times combined ebook/print book bestseller list for his new thriller HIDDEN ORDER. You should definitely check out Brad’s thrillers, folks, starting with this one.


Here is a nice interview of one of my favorite thriller authors, Brad Thor, by one of my favorite thriller authors, Stephen England. Yep, a two-fer!

But even bigger news: Brad is beginning a tour for his new book, HIDDEN ORDER, the week of July 8, 2013. First stop: Washington, DC, on Wednesday, July 10. Your friendly neighborhood “Vigilante Author,” as well as thriller-writing buddies Stephen England and Ian Graham, plus a host of other friends and fans, plan to attend. Details about time and location of this and other book-tour stops are on the interview’s linked web page, above.

Finally, check on this site for my previous interviews here with both Brad Thor and Stephen England. I think you’ll really enjoy them.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from the event, which drew a big crowd of well over a hundred people.

Robert Bidinotto with Brad Thor

Robert Bidinotto with Brad Thor


First up, your friendly neighborhood Vigilante Author with Brad (excuse the blurriness; my camera isn’t the best).


The next photo shows four thriller authors at Brad’s book signing. From left to right: Ian Graham, author of Veil of Civility and other stories; Brad; Stephen England, author of Pandora’s Grave and the forthcoming Day of Reckoning; and Yours Truly. (Yes, I’m always the guy with the hat.)


Authors Ian Graham, Brad Thor, Stephen England, and Robert Bidinotto

Authors Ian Graham, Brad Thor, Stephen England, and Robert Bidinotto


Finally, here’s a shot of members of the “Thorum Underground,” an online group of fans of Brad’s work. Many of us have met in the past, and it was great to get back in touch at this year’s book tour.

"The Thorum Underground"

“The Thorum Underground”


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  • Shawn Reynolds

    Thanks for posting the pics, Robert. They came out great!

    • RobertBidinotto

      They did indeed. I hope you received a few of you with Brad, Shawn.