Kindle MatchBook: Another Innovation for Readers and Authors


Indie authors, listen up: Here is another example of how Amazon continually innovates on behalf of customers and indie authors, and stays ahead of its moribund competitors.

If you have both a print and an ebook edition of your work, you can enter your Kindle ebook edition into the new “Kindle Matchbook” program. This program allows buyers of your print-book edition to also obtain a copy of your ebook for her Kindle, at a discounted price (or free, if you choose). You can also use this as part of your book marketing efforts, e.g.: “Buy the print edition as a gift for someone special…and get the ebook edition for yourself at a discounted price [or free].”

For the author, this is another way to monetize your existing intellectual property. For your readers, it offers them the convenience of reading either the print or ebook edition, whenever they choose.

To enroll, go to your Kindle Direct Publishing page, click the “Bookshelf” tab, select your title, then use the drop-down menu to get to your book’s “Rights & Permissions” page. Scroll down until you find the checkbox for participation in the “MatchBook” program. After you click the link, it will give you several pricing options for your discounted book.


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