COMING: Unveiling the BAD DEEDS Book Cover


I’m thrilled to announce that my hugely talented book-cover artist, Allen Chiu, has produced a sensational cover for BAD DEEDS, my forthcoming Dylan Hunter thriller.

I’ll be unveiling the BAD DEEDS cover right here, on Monday, November 18th, at 10 a.m. And it goes without saying that I’ll enjoy reading your feedback.

Allen also designed for me the cover of HUNTER, the header image for this blog, and the Avenger Books publishing logo.

BAD DEEDS picks up where the story in HUNTER left off. In addition to bringing back many characters that readers enjoyed in the first novel, BAD DEEDS introduces a lot of new ones — including some villains that you’ll love to hate. It’s loaded with action, suspense, mystery, thrills, romance, surprises, and sinister plots. And if you found the themes and ideas expressed in HUNTER to be thought-provoking, I promise you that BAD DEEDS will be even more controversial.

I’m working hard to complete the novel soon. I know that many of you have been waiting impatiently for a long time; but this complex tale has so many moving parts that it’s been a real challenge for me to plot and write. Moreover, I will never short-change you by rushing a story into publication before it completely lives up to my standards, and to what I know are your high expectations.

In the meantime, while I finish the book I’ll treat you to its spectacular cover on November 18th. I hope you’ll join me here for the occasion.


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