All right, you’ve been more than patient. So here are a couple of very brief “teaser” excerpts from BAD DEEDS, scheduled for publication in May 2014 :


He ignored his mother’s shouts and stumbled down the darkened stairs in his bare feet. He was just reaching out for the front door knob when a brilliant bluish flash lit all the windows around him and the entire downstairs as if it were morning—followed by a deafening bang that shattered all the glass and shook the floorboards beneath his feet.

Ears ringing, he could barely hear screams somewhere behind him . . . upstairs . . . his mind numb for a second, trying to function . . . then remembering . . .

“Dad!” he screamed. His voice sounded muffled by the ringing in his ears.

He fumbled at the door knob, tore it open, lurched outside. To his right, twenty yards away, Dad’s lab—a converted guest house—ablaze . . . coils of smoke and shards of flame pouring from its shattered windows . . . surrounding trees shimmering an eerie red-orange . . .

Horrified, he rushed down the porch steps into the yard.

“Daaaaad!” he screamed again.


And from somewhat later in the book, this:


She blinked. “You’re the reporter he talked about.”


“The one investigating this.”BAD DEEDS COVER -- EBOOK -- FINAL REDUCED

“That’s right.”

Something awakened in her eyes. She released her son’s hand and seized Dylan’s.

“Find out who did this!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

He nodded slowly. “I will.”

Her eyes began to fill. She looked at each of her children, then back at him.

“They have to pay.”

He raised her hand. Pressed it to his chest.

“They will.”


And here is the product description for the novel:



He sought peace in the tranquility of nature.
But can he tame the violence in his own nature?

At a cabin in the Allegheny National Forest, Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods seek to heal the wounds from their ordeal at the hands of a twisted psychopath. And to build a life together, Dylan promises to abandon his violent ways.

But ideological zealots and Washington’s political elites have conspired to terrorize and plunder the hard-working locals. These victims have no protector against the bad deeds of the powerful and privileged.

Except for one man. A man as ruthless and violent as they. A man committed to absolute justice.

Because Dylan Hunter cannot walk away . . . even if it costs him the woman he loves.

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2 Responses to BAD DEEDS: A Teaser

  1. Guy Portman says:

    Great front cover Robert. Not long to go until publication now.

    • RobertBidinotto says:

      Yes indeedy, Guy–on both counts. I’m just wrapping up the final chapters. If all marks are hit from this point on, look for the book in late May.

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