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Thoughts About Book Piracy

  As some readers know, various online “pirate” sites electronically duplicate thousands of popular ebooks from legitimate sales sites, then make them available to readers — either free or at a nominal charge — without paying their authors for each … Continue reading

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A New Interview of Me by Lisette Brodey

  Author Lisette Brodey has conducted a long, expansive interview of me on her site, “Lisette’s Writers’ Chateau.” Our far-ranging conversation explores more than I’ve previously revealed to any interviewer about my writing methods, the merits of self-publishing, the challenges … Continue reading

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One Word You Won’t Find in My Novels

  Okay. Call it a symbolic, personal protest thing. Those who know me well know that I’m anything but a prude. They also know that my private language can get salty, from time to time. But when I read fiction, … Continue reading

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Authors Behaving Badly

  In an excellent blog post, bestselling author and writing teacher David Farland takes on purveyors of plagiarism, fake reviews, purchased reviews, review-swapping schemes, attack reviews, etc. Reader reviews are enormously helpful to authors. Honest reviews often encourage browsing buyers … Continue reading

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Amazon Creates a Self-Publishing Platform for Illustrated Children’s Books

  I am often asked by authors how they might self-publish illustrated children’s books. Until now, I never had a good answer. Well, I’m pleased to report that Amazon has just announced “KDP Kids,” a new program in their Kindle … Continue reading

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