Glowing Review of the HUNTER Audiobook


The Audiobook Blog, an international review site for audio products, has published a glowing review of the audio edition of HUNTER, by site reviewer Victor Dima. He says that the story “is a great one, filled with tense moments, interesting facts, ideas and the right amount of romance. Oh, yeah, and the ending is very satisfying as well.” He continues:

Besides being a great thriller, HUNTER brings together aspects from romance, mystery, police procedurals and espionage…. I was very pleasantly surprised by this fresh take on the vigilante idea. I haven’t read something this good on this topic since Without Remorse by Tom Clancy, which, by the way, is one of my all time favorites….

Conor Hall gives an almost perfect performance with the audiobook, bringing all the characters to life, even Luna the cat. His narration becomes mesmerizing at times and the different voices and subtle accents keep everyone differentiated in the listener’s mind. I think he is the right actor to record this new amazing series of thrillers and I’m looking forward to listen to him again…. HUNTER is a great book with a very compelling story, filled with characters that feel alive and real. Robert Bidinotto delivers one of the most interesting and thought-provoking thrillers released in recent history.

To listen to the opening chapter of HUNTER, click here:

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