Promo Teaser for WINNER TAKES ALL


Many Dylan Hunter fans ask me, “What is your next thriller going to be about?” I’m still writing WINNER TAKES ALL and aim to have it completed by summer. But for now, let me answer the question with this promotional “teaser”:


A murderous conspiracy for ultimate power…

Engaged to be married, journalist Dylan Hunter and CIA officer Annie Woods are eager to put their violent past behind them, for good.

But then an idealistic presidential candidate is targeted for destruction. And a probing reporter is found murdered.

Soon, Dylan’s investigation puts him in the cross hairs of a power-hungry billionaire and a cold-blooded assassin. A deadly conspiracy of dangerous men aims to install their puppet in the White House. And these predators are willing to do the unthinkable to bring America under their total control.

The stakes — political and personal — couldn’t be higher. Because, to stop them, Dylan Hunter must make an irrevocable choice. It’s a decision that will, finally and forever, seal his fate . . . including his future with the woman he adores.

But for now, only one thing is certain:

In a tidal wave of political violence, on the blood-soaked streets of Washington, D.C., the final outcome will be…

…winner takes all.


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3 Responses to Promo Teaser for WINNER TAKES ALL

  1. Ann Petersen says:

    Wow, how timely ! Had you came up with the premise b4 the current political mess ???

    • RobertBidinotto says:

      Only partly. Good observation, though. The story is inspired, in part, by the current political madness. But I expect it to remain timely long after this election season is in our rear-view mirror.

  2. Jennifer Brooks Anderson says:

    Hunter will do what is necessary to protect his country and bring down that assassin. I suspect the woman he loves will be in the “crosshairs” one way or the other but “justice” will prevail, at what I suspect will be a “high price” for him to pay. A true “tug of war” between the right thing to do and the “heart”. Not a good place to be.

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