Opening Scene of WINNER TAKES ALL

As I work to try to finish the writing of WINNER TAKES ALL during September, for a fall release, I thought I’d whet your appetite with the brief opening scene of the novel.


“You will soon regret you ever poked your nose into my business.”

He said it to the reporter softly, each syllable precise and distinct.

Then he cut off the call and jammed his mobile phone into the pocket of his windbreaker.

He drew a long, steadying breath.

The past month had been catastrophic. And now this

He rose from the deck chair on his private rooftop terrace at the Watergate complex. Leaving a steaming cup of coffee on the glass-topped table, he threaded through the thicket of potted plants and flowers, to the wall at the roof’s edge. He leaned forward and gripped its cold brass rail.

Fourteen stories below, the Potomac River flowed, a waxen mirror of the slate sky. Across its expanse, the bare, ashen fingers of trees on Theodore Roosevelt Island groped for a fugitive sun. His gaze drifted south, past the pallid Carrara marble of the nearby Kennedy Center, to where the gray arc of the Roosevelt Bridge linked the nation’s capital to Virginia. A chill March gust stung his cheeks and knuckles.

All that he had been working toward, for decades—now at risk. He had to consider, quite carefully, his next steps. To weigh the various options, their pluses and minuses…

Ten minutes later, he decided that the reporter had to die.


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8 Responses to Opening Scene of WINNER TAKES ALL

  1. David Hurowitz says:

    That’s the kind of hook I like my thrillers to open with. Short and demanding that I keep going. Can’t wait!

  2. Walter F. Curran says:

    Great hook. Without knowing the characters, the reader is impelled to immediately take sides, forcing them into the story. Can’t wait for the full story.

  3. bidinotto says:

    As I said to David, I really appreciate that, Walter. A mortal sin for any thriller is to fail to establish suspense in the first lines and paragraphs. I’m glad this opening works for you, and I hope the rest of the story lives up to its promises.

  4. Connie Easterly says:

    I have read back to back both of the Hunter books, and I went on line to find the next Book (3) in the series and was disappointed that it has not been released to the public yet. When will it be available for purchase, I will wait anxiously for it. I can hardly wait for the next adventure of Dylan and Annie! Thank you for these fine, thrilling and suspense-filled books. Keep up the brilliant work.

    • bidinotto says:

      Hi, Connie,

      Thank you so much for the enthusiastic response to my thrillers. (I know Dylan and Annie appreciate it!) Sorry that the third installment of their adventures has taken so long to chronicle. I’m working hard to finish it up in the next few weeks, for a fall release. I really want the book available for the Christmas season. So please stay tuned. Also, if you haven’t, join my email list; you can find the link in the upper right margin of the home page here. That way you’ll be notified ahead of time about any new releases, editions, movie news, etc. Again, my apologies for the long delay and appreciation for your eager interest.

  5. Jerry says:

    If you don’t know the novels of Bernard Cornwell, try Sharpe’s Tiger, and I think you will be hooked.

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