Revealing . . . the New Cover for HUNTER!

As I mentioned recently, I’m having new covers designed for HUNTER and BAD DEEDS, in order to develop an integrated, “branded” look for the series. Here is the bold and dramatic new HUNTER cover:

HUNTER 2nd cover small


Once again, the cover was created by my super-talented designer, Allen Chiu. Allen is currently at work on a new cover for BAD DEEDS that will carry over this “look” and style. I’ll post that as soon as it’s ready. I hope you like them. Your comments — posted here, or sent to me privately — are welcome.

The first people to see this new cover were subscribers to my free monthly email newsletter, “Bullet Points.” They also were the first to be informed of the title of the next Dylan Hunter thriller — which I’ll reveal here eventually. In addition, three lucky subscribers were randomly selected to win cool prizes. Reid Wientge is receiving a new Kindle ereader, while Angie Killian and Jeff Morrone were chosen to get $25 Amazon gift certificates.

Subscribers will become eligible for new prizes every month. So sign up for “Bullet Points” right now! In the May issue, a $50 Amazon gift certificate will be awarded to the 15th person to email me with the maiden name of Dylan Hunter’s mother.  If you know — or care to look it up — email the answer to me right away at

Finally, if you have not yet bought the print editions of HUNTER and BAD DEEDS that bear the original covers, they may well become collectables someday. For the next week or so, you will still be able to buy them on Amazon, until the new covers appear. Also, I have a limited quantity of the books on hand. If you prefer to buy copies personally inscribed by me, you can order them right from this site.

So, if you want to own the books with their original covers, act now. They’ll be gone very soon!

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So, You Want to Write a Thriller…


What, exactly, makes a story a “thriller”?

What are its essential elements? Is there a formula to building a suspenseful page-turner? How can you craft characters compelling enough to carry an ongoing thriller series?

Drawing examples from my own novels and those of many top thriller authors, I discuss in this YouTube video how to craft a non-stop thrill ride and create iconic action heroes.

This presentation took place during the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference at Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, Maryland, on Feb. 28, 2015. I hope you like it and find it useful.

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How I Write Fiction — A Talk

In this videotaped talk
, recorded on April 16, 2015 at the Grasonville, Maryland, Senior Center, I discussed the art and craft of storytelling with a local audience of avid readers and budding writers. I addressed such questions as:

* Why do we humans love stories?

* What are the basic elements and requirements of a compelling novel?

* How is the classic 3-act “story arc” structured?

* What are different methods used by famous writers to write their fiction?

The video runs 52 minutes before my camera stopped recording near the very end of my remarks. Hope you enjoy it.

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COMING SOON: New Book Covers


I’m having new covers designed for HUNTER and BAD DEEDS, in order for the series to have an integrated, “branded” look.

If you have not yet bought the “first edition” print copies, they may well one day become collectables. You can still buy them on Amazon while they last . . . or, if you want copies personally inscribed by me, you can get them right here from this site.

While working on the next Dylan Hunter thriller, I’ve finally settled on its title. Curious? Of course you are!

But if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to sign up for “Bullet Points,” my free email newsletter. That tidbit, plus other advance news about “DH3,” will be released in next month’s issue. And only subscribers will be eligible for monthly prizes, including free Kindles, Amazon gift certificates, and personally inscribed Dylan Hunter books.

So if you aren’t yet on the mailing list — why not? Those freebies are going to go to somebody . . .

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Radio Interview, Tuesday March 24

(Edited and updated)

I was the interview guest on Writestream Radio’s “Writestream Tuesday” on Tuesday, March 24, at 2:05 pm Eastern. This is an internet-based broadcast, part of BlogTalkRadio.

Host Daria Anne and I talked about my lengthy background as a nonfiction writer, my late-life transition to writing the Dylan Hunter thrillers, and my views on the power and significance of “Narratives” in our lives. It was fun.

Here is the program link to the broadcast, archived online. My interview segment begins in the second half of the two-hour recording, at about the 1:04 mark on the time bar.

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BAD DEEDS Wins CLFA Book of the Year 2014


I am delighted to announce that my second Dylan Hunter thriller, BAD DEEDS, just won the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance “Book of the Year 2014 Award.”

Given the quality of the finalists — books by prominent, bestselling authors Larry Correia, Sarah A. Hoyt, and Mackey Chandler — I sincerely didn’t think my thriller stood a chance of winning. But thanks to Dylan’s devoted fans (and that means you), the book won the final vote.

I want to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to all of you who have made my stories and characters a part of your lives. I am touched and grateful to you for your loyal support, and my special appreciation goes to those of you who voted for BAD DEEDS. Thanks to you, this award will bring the book and its unique vigilante hero a lot more attention — and that is why I entered it in the competition in the first place.


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Get the HUNTER Audiobook for FREE!


Audiobooks have become the preferred medium for millions to enjoy books — and with good reason. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to catch up on all those books you always wanted to read, while you fill otherwise wasted time. You can listen, hands-free, while commuting by car or train or bus, while doing household chores, while shopping or waiting in lines, while working out, while taking vacations, or while winding down before bedtime.

The HUNTER audiobook cover

The HUNTER audiobook cover

And right now, if you sign up for a 30-day FREE trial at, you can get the 12-hour, unabridged HUNTER audiobook absolutely FREE, too. It’s narrated by the talented voice actor Conor Hall, who brings to life my debut thriller and all its colorful characters, including Dylan, Annie, Wonk, Cronin, Garrett, Adrian Wulfe — even Luna! (You can listen to a five-minute sample before you download my book or any other.) is a premiere audiobook source, offering over 150,000 great titles, including many bestsellers, all at affordable prices. You can swap out books you don’t like, and pause, cancel, or upgrade your membership at any time.

So, isn’t it time for you to turn those thousands of “dead” and wasted hours every year to productive use — to be educated, inspired, and entertained? You have nothing to lose with this free trial. To learn the details and sign up, just click this link.

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The Vigilante Author Interviewed on Local TV


On  March 12, 2015, I spent some time in the studio of the Queen Anne’s County (Maryland) local community-access television Channel 7. I discussed my writing career and then focused on the Dylan Hunter Thrillers.

The show, titled “Papa’s World” (after Hemingway), is now posted on YouTube. Click the preceding link to watch. Here’s a shot of Your Friendly Neighborhood Vigilante Author and the host of the show, Fred McNeil.

"Papa's World" host Fred McNeil with The Vigilante Author

“Papa’s World” host Fred McNeil with The Vigilante Author


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Turkish Edition of HUNTER Is Coming

I have just been informed that the first foreign translation and edition of HUNTER – in Turkish — will be published in April or May by Panama Publishing of Ankara. In 2013 I was approached by a Turkish literary agency for the Turkish language rights, and I concluded a contract in August of that year.

Duygu Özcan, a student in Ankara who is fluent in English, crafted an excellent translation, consulting closely with me about matters of style and English-to-Turkish idioms.

I find it particularly satisfying that Dylan & Friends (& Enemies) will have their first non-English debut in a Muslim nation. I’m curious to see what the reception will be. I’ll update this news as further information warrants.

Incidentally, this foreign publication of HUNTER now technically makes me a “hybrid” rather than exclusively “self-published” author.


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Want Some Free Stuff from Me?


Like, maybe an Amazon gift card?

A free Kindle?

Signed/inscribed copies of my books?

Soon, I’m going to be running some contests for people who sign up for “Bullet Points” — my free, occasional e-newsletter that I send exclusively to Dylan Hunter fans. ONLY subscribers to my newsletter will be eligible for the contests, the Free Stuff, advance news about my upcoming books and events, sample chapters, and whatever else I dream up.

Promise: I won’t spam you or share your email address with anyone.

So, if you are not already signed up, do it now. Luna awaits impatiently, frowning and tapping her paw…


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