“HUNTER” and its author are featured in new interviews and reviews

I’m delighted that HUNTER: A Thriller has won over several other “vigilante authors.” Three fellow thriller writers have been generous in lavishing attention and praise on the book and its author in recent days.

Doug Dorow, author of The Ninth District, published an extensive and revealing interview with me last week. Doug asked me to tell his readers not only about my background and the genesis of HUNTER, but he also asked me a lot about the craft of writing fiction and the art of marketing it. I think you’ll enjoy the resulting exchange — I hope as much as I did.

Another indie author, Helen Hanson — who has just published the thriller 3 Lies — conducted an engaging, enjoyable, and probing interview with me on her wonderful blog. I loved the fact that she asked me a lot of fresh questions about the technique of writing, as well as my background. Helen’s interview supplements Doug’s in many ways, and I think fans of HUNTER are going to want to read them back-to-back.

Finally, Stephen England — whose latest thriller, Pandora’s Grave, looks like a dandy — gave HUNTER a 5-star rave review on the Goodreads site, which is dedicated to introducing excellent books to its readers. Among his kind comments:

In Hunter, former Reader’s Digest staff writer Robert James Bidinotto makes the transition from non-fiction to fiction look seamless, delivering one of the best vigilante thrillers since Clancy’s Without Remorse….

Hunter delivers in a way few thrillers do. From the opening kill shot to the climactic showdown, Hunter strikes home with the power and pinpoint accuracy of a Barrett M99…. The characters…are well-drawn and believable. And when it comes to delivering his message, Bidinotto lets his characters do that, in a way that is as organic and subtle as the rest of the novel.

In short, may I congratulate Mr. Bidinotto on a fantastic debut thriller. If you’re in the market for a quick-moving read—if you enjoy action, romance, and memorable characters, you could do little better than to pick up a copy of Hunter. A solid five stars.

Thank you, Stephen! And thank you Helen and Doug for the generous attention you’ve given to my debut novel.

UPDATE, 9/10/11 — While I was out of town this past week, bestselling thriller author Gary Ponzo published the recent interview that he conducted with me. I am delighted with the attention that Gary has given to HUNTER, and to my thoughts on fiction writing and the future of publishing. It’s impressive when a successful author generously turns the spotlight on works by fledglings like me. Thank you very much, Gary.

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