Upcoming at “The Vigilante Author”

Book promotion has consumed a lot of time in the past couple of weeks. However, I want to let you know what is coming up in “The Vigilante Blog.”

A few years ago, I edited and contributed to a magazine, The New Individualist. Among the most popular of the pieces I authored were my long interviews with thriller legends Vince Flynn and Lee Child. I have arranged to reprint both of those interviews here, in coming weeks. I can’t think of two people who better embody the “vigilante author” concept, and I think you’ll agree.

In addition, I wrote a long piece titled “The Best Thriller Writers — Ever.” However, since I published that one, years ago, I’ve encountered the works of many other fine “vigilante authors.” So I’ll be updating it and adapting it for this blog.

You can also expect to be introduced to a number of lesser-known “indie” authors worthy of your attention. These days, not all the great writers — and far fewer of the new talents — are being published by the big houses. They deserve your consideration, and I’ll shine a spotlight on them here.

I’ll be launching this series in just a few days. Stay tuned.

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