Another Indie-Author Success Story

Here’s another inspiring, rags-to-riches, “Rocky”-type story of a struggling writer beating the odds by turning to self-publishing, then becoming an overnight success as a best-selling author.

This one appears in the Toronto Globe & Mail, and it’s about my new friend Martin Crosbie. There’s a lot here that I didn’t know about Martin’s earlier life and personal struggles–and the sudden smash success of his wonderful genre-bending novel of romantic suspense, My Temporary Life. Moreover, the piece is written by another indie author, Beverly Akerman, which only adds satisfying color to the profile.

If you’re a writer or a reader, you’ll be touched by this story.


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7 Responses to Another Indie-Author Success Story

  1. Karen Magill says:

    It is a great article Robert.

  2. Cfyankovich says:

    A friend of mine, Kris Tualla, is seeing success after two years of hard work. Her indie “Hansen” series has garnered her a print contract with the new Amazon SF wing. It is a great time to be an author!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good for her! The Amazon imprints are highly selective in what work they take on, so Kris has every right to feel very proud.

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