HUNTER Is Top Audible Espionage Bestseller


Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? On this day, I am thrilled to report fantastic news.

As a result of its inclusion in Audible’s May “2 for 1 Sale,” the HUNTER audiobook has soared up the Audible and Amazon bestseller lists.

HUNTER atop Audible "Espionage Thriller" list

HUNTER atop Audible’s “Espionage Thriller” list

Just before midnight of May 13, 2016, HUNTER stood at #87 among all 238,667 Audible English-language titles (fiction and nonfiction). It also was ranked as the #34 bestseller in all categories for results over the past 7 days.

In addition, it ranked #19 among all “Mysteries & Thrillers” (24,303 titles), #17 in the “Suspense” subcategory (14,255 titles), and—wait for it—#1 in the “Espionage” subcategory (1,779 titles).

Those latter categories are loaded with iconic titles from the foremost authors in the mystery and thrillers categories, including Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, James Rollins, David Baldacci, Alex Berenson, Barry Eisler, and many, many more.



Ad strip on Audible home page 5-13-16

On the Audible home page, an advertising bar for Audible Studios bestsellers includes BAD DEEDS


Meanwhile, my newly released BAD DEEDS audiobook also is climbing rapidly up the charts. As of this writing, it ranks at an impressive #118 in that “Espionage” category, out of 1779 titles.

Finally, as a result of these soaring sales, your Vigilante Author has personally climbed up Amazon’s “Author Rank” list. This list ranks authors by their total cumulative book sales, including all their titles in all editions sold by Amazon—ebook, audio, and print. Despite the fact that I have only two novels for sale on Amazon, while many bestselling authors have a multitude, this Friday the 13th I ranked #407 among authors of “Books” on Amazon. I also was the 82nd-ranked bestselling author in Amazon’s “Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense” category, and ranked #72 in its subcategory “Thrillers & Suspense.” [UPDATE: At the peak of the sales, my Author Rank hit #260 overall, and #50 among authors of “Thrillers & Suspense.”]

This success brings a lot of important visibility to both books, at an opportune time. It will help lay marketing groundwork for the coming publication of WINNER TAKES ALL.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier — or luckier, on a supposedly unlucky day!

UPDATE, May 19, 11 p.m.: The Audible promotion for HUNTER exceeded my fantasies. Over 2,700 copies sold over the four-day sales period. And strong sales have continued during the following days, keeping HUNTER visible on a number of category bestseller lists on Amazon and Audible. At its peak sales moments, the book hit these sales rankings on those lists:

* #1 in Audible “Espionage Thrillers” (for almost 5 full days)
* #7 in Audible “Suspense Thrillers”
* #9 in Audible “Mysteries & Thrillers”
* #6 in Audible “Mysteries & Thrillers” (averaged over 7 days)
* #12 in all Audible categories (fiction & nonfiction) averaged over the previous 7 days
* #25 among all Audible titles (some 297,000 books)

Amazon sells Audible audiobooks, too, and on its site, HUNTER hit the following impressive list rankings:

* #4 in Amazon’s “Audible Espionage Thrillers”
* #6 in Amazon’s “Audible Fiction & Literature”
* #12 in Amazon’s “Audible Best Sellers” — which includes all audiobook titles, fiction and nonfiction

Meanwhile, boosted by the attention for HUNTER, BAD DEEDS continues to steadily climb the Audible category bestseller lists, moving into the top 100 “Espionage Thrillers,” too (it’s at #85 as of this writing).

[UPDATE, May 27: BAD DEEDS has continued to climb the Audible charts. On May 23 it peaked at #54 among Audible Espionage titles, and it’s currently at #56. Among that subgroup of titles published by Audible Studios, it has hit #4 in Espionage Thrillers and #18 among all their Mysteries & Thrillers. Let me add that total May audio sales of HUNTER have surpassed 3,000 copies.]

If feels great to add several thousand new people to the Dylan Hunter audience inside of a week’s time. Now to complete WINNER TAKES ALL and give them a new story to enjoy.

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