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Hello, and thanks for visiting The Vigilante Author.

I’m Robert Bidinotto, and you’re probably here because you’ve read or heard about my bestselling debut thriller, HUNTER, or its award-winning sequel, BAD DEEDS. On this blog, you’ll find lots of information about those novels; about their unique hero, Dylan Hunter — “the new face of justice”; about why I wrote the books and for whom; and about future books planned for this series of thrillers.

It won’t surprise you to learn that the term “vigilante author” refers — first of all — to me, as author of a tale about a colorful urban vigilante. But I also had other meanings in mind when I selected that term to be the title for this blog.

The “lone-wolf hero” — the man who takes on a corrupt Establishment and operates outside the law, in order to right injustices — is an iconic character in fiction, going back many hundreds of years. In his classic work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell — the late, famous expert in mythology — showed just how pervasive this figure is, across time and cultures. To be sure, not all of Campbell’s heroes are “vigilantes”; but many of them act apart from, or opposed to, the society around them, breaking “the rules,” if not the laws. Even though they all don’t indulge in violent acts of retribution, they’re nonetheless cut from a psychological cloth similar to those who do.

So, to celebrate this archetypal hero, I aim to feature here other past and contemporary writers of vigilante fiction, as well. I’ll discuss film and TV versions of this archetypal hero, too.

Even more broadly, this blog will champion the emerging trend in the world of books: self-publishing, or “indie” publishing. With the rise of online book selling and of ebooks, large, traditional publishing houses and big chain bookstores have been struggling to survive. They’re being challenged by a host of indie authors, who are operating like the defiant “vigilantes” of the publishing world.

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Self-publishing writers dare to go it alone, adopting the role of upstart Davids taking on industry Goliaths. They are rebelling against what they believe to be unfair compensation and contract terms from major publishers. They are relishing the freedom and independence they gain by taking all aspects of their books’ futures into their own hands. They are breaking all the long-established rules and commandments of the book business, in order to retain control over the content and marketing of their intellectual property. And, in many cases, they’re succeeding phenomenally.

I’ve chosen to follow their path-breaking examples by self-publishing my thrillers. In this blog, I’ll report what these “vigilante authors” are doing and feature news about their works.

So, relax, sit back, and take a look around. You’re about to enter a world different from the one you probably inhabit. It’s a world of daring heroes — of men and women who courageously defy phony “authorities,” corrupt institutions, and senseless rules — of characters, both real and imaginary, that think boldly and act bravely in the pursuit of justice.

Welcome to the world of Dylan Hunter . . . and The Vigilante Author.




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